Delivery Requirements

It is important for you to read the shipping container transport guide before we organise your container transport. Ballina Shipping Containers have certain access requirements for your container to be delivered successfully.

At Ballina Shipping Containers safety is a priority. For all parties involved, understanding the basic requirement to transporting shipping containers is a must. Below you will find a shipping container transport guide including methods and requirements needed to fulfill all criteria when transporting shipping containers successfully.


Reasonable Access

A solid ground condition is considered reasonable with the ground not being too sandy or of clay texture. Soft ground conditions will cause the delivery truck to get bogged and can potentially cause damage to your property.

No excessively overgrown trees or shrubs should be within the space that the truck will be present (the truck should not be expected to push branches and other shrubery out of the way) and the truck panels, paint, mirrors and aerials etc. should all be considered when organising the delivery space.

A minimum of 1 metre clearance from power-lines at all times, when driving or loading on/off. Brick paved or concreted driveways, kerbings or lawned areas, need to be realistic about marks / damage done whilst accessing, loading, unloading or egressing site.

Direction of Container, Obstacles & Safety

To help streamline the delivery of your shipping container, we kindly ask each of our customers to pre-plan how you want to position your shipping container prior to delivery.

Ensure that you decide what position you want your shipping container to be facing on your property and advise our staff

Once we have this information, our shipping container delivery team can face the container in the correct way on the truck and make for an easier unloading off the tilt tray.

Please ensure that you advise us of any obstructions on your property/site so that delivery is as safe as possible. Examples of obstructions can be telephone wires or large overhanging branches. The more information that we receive the more smoothly the process delivery will be.

Shipping Container Delivery Methods

Tilt Tray Truck Delivery

Tilt Tray delivery is the best method where there is plenty of space in front of where the container is going to be placed. The tray of the truck lifts up and lets the container slide back slowly until the back corner is on the ground, and as the truck drives forward the container remains stationary. The container slides down the tray of the truck as it drives forward until it is clear from under the container. We have Tilt Tray and Semi Trailer Tilt Tray Trucks available for delivery/pickup.


6m Tilt Tray Clearance Requirements

Height 5m (16.4ft), Width 3.5m (11.5ft), Length 20m (65.6ft)


12m Tilt Tray Clearance Requirements

Height 6m (19.6ft), Width 3.5m (11.5ft), Length 40m (131ft)