Shipping Container Sales


Purchase a Shipping Container for Home or Business.

Ballina shipping containers is the northern New South Wales’ leader when it comes to shipping containers for sale.

Our shipping containers come directly from the wholesalers, which allows us to supply the highest quality shipping containers at competitive pricing.

If you are looking to buy shipping containers for your home, shed, farm or business; then you’re in luck. We stock a range of premium and high-quality shipping containers which are perfect for all purposes.

Ballina Shipping Containers source containers from industry-leading wholesalers and can provide transportation of your shipping container from the port of landing, directly to your desired address.

Our team have helped customers throughout Northern New South Wales purchase, hire and transport shipping containers and we pride ourselves on delivering a fast and reliable service.

Our team can answer all these questions and more, so if your looking for top-quality shipping containers to buy look no further. Simply call us today on 0436 331 061 or request a free quote online.

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We can provide new and used 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers to help meet your size and budget requirements. Below is a specification breakdown of the types of shipping containers available to purchase.

Shipping Container Specifications

10FT GP - GENERAL PURPOSE3,050 mm2,440 mm2,590 mm1,200kg15.89 m3
20FT GP - GENERAL PURPOSE6,056 mm2,438 mm2,592 mm2,220kg33.20 m3
20FT HC - HIGH CUBE6,056 mm2,438 mm2,896 mm2,360kg37.30 m3
20FT HC/PW HIGH CUBE 2 PALLET WIDE6,056 mm2,462 mm2,896 mm2,850kg38.80 m3
40FT GP - GENERAL PURPOSE12,190 mm2,440 mm2,590 mm3,980kg67.2 m3
40FT HC - HIGH CUBE12,190 mm2,464 mm2,900 mm4,250kg78.9 m3
40FT HC/ PW - HIGH CUBE ​2 PALLET WIDE12,190 mm2,440 mm2, 900 mm4,150kg75.90 m3

10' Containers

Our 10 foot shipping containers provide a compact and secure way to store your belongings.

10' Dangerous Goods Containers

Our 10 foot specialty containers are designed for flammable and dangerous goods.


20’ High Cube Side Opening Containers

Our 20 foot high cube containers offer more space for storage and the side opening gives easier access.


20’ Refrigerated Containers

Our 20 foot refrigerated containers provide you with an optimal storage environment for cold goods.


20’ Refurbished Containers

Save money and purchase a refurbished shipping container. We paint containers to your desired colour.


40' General Purpose Containers

Our 40 foot containers are a must have for those needing more storage space. Ideal for farms and businesses.

40’ High Cube Containers

The most cubic space you could want in a container, our 40 foot high cube containers offer maximum storage.


Modified Containers

Seeking a special type of container? We can source and modify to include doors, windows and more.